About the Book
The Religious Right is a movement with a mission - to restore Christian supremacy in politics, law and culture. Unless it succeeds, it claims, the liberal, secular state will persecute Christians.

Written from a Christian perspective, ‘The Jesus Candidate’ explains this movement’s defining ideas, through its rise in America and its spread to Britain. Why are many Christians ready to call for resistance to the secular state? What are the alternatives?

‘The Jesus Candidate’ challenges the Religious Right’s appraisal of modern politics. It analyses cases said to show that the law and the courts are anti-Christian, and disputes the claim that Christianity needs special legal protection or privilege. Liberal, secular politics results from applying New Testament principles and practice to church and state. Understanding this is the key to being ‘salt and light’ in today's world-wide battles over religion and politics.

This book speaks to you if you want to know if and how freedom is threatened, and what we can all do about it.

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"This book recasts the debate about religion, politics and the secular state." - Simon Barrow, Director , Ekklesia

"thoughtful and challenging ... many who do read it will be encouraged to be involved in politics and advocate for justice and good government to the glory of God." - Evangelicals Now (Jon Putt) August 2017

"We should listen attentitively to these warnings about the influence of political Christianity in the UK" - Christianity 21 (original in Welsh) September 2017

"a welcome and timely publication ... raises questions that people of all faiths and none must grapple with" - National Secular Society (Megan Manson and Alistair Lichten) 6th October 2017

"Should Christians be aiming to 'Christianise' governments and countries through legislation? 'The Jesus Candidate' examines contemporary disputes and reaches conclusions that some will find controversial. Every evangelical should read this challenging book" - Hugh Thomson, Pastor, City Evangelical Church, Birmingham

"Thoroughly interesting read from start to finish, particularly for anyone interested in the current state of the relationship between the Church and the wider world, and public perception of the Church in general. Includes in-depth description of many significant court-cases involving the Church over the past decade. Very interesting thesis on the most appropriate role of the Church in politics worthy of serious reflection." - Lord Rosebery on Amazon.co.uk

"a timely and important book …the church needs to find a way of relating to the state which is likely to preserve its liberties of faith and worship when the democratic majority (or any other group acquiring power) is unsympathetic to Christianity." - EJB on Amazon.co.uk

"I heartily recommend the book to all thoughtful Christians trying to understand their relationship with the contemporary world." - Nick Huxford on Amazon.co.uk

THE JESUS CANDIDATE: Political Religion in a Secular Age by James Paul Lusk is published by Ekklesia.
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